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31 Mar 2010

"How Japan could lead the way back to durable growth" in Financial Times - Companies & Markets, INSIGHT

15 Mar 2010

Jujiro "Why a voice of Keidanren is becoming less influential ?" in the March of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

28 Dec 2009

Jujiro "How to take measures against deflation" in the December of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

29 Oct 2009

Jujiro "Sin of ultraeasy monetary policy" in the October of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

20 Oct 2009

"Weak imports likely to restart shrinkage of U.S. trade deficit"

03 Sep 2009

Jujiro "Can Asia evade a low-rate growth?" in the September of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

30 Aug 2009

"Gov't could take on role of 'staffing agency' to create jobs"

31 Jul 2009

"U.S. ought to press China over asset bubble risk at bilateral talks"

17 Jul 2009

Jujiro "Why high-interest and high-yen policy" in the July of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

22 Jun 2009

"Capital goods offer compass"

18 May 2009

"BOJ should move toward ending 'ultraloose' policy"

13 Apr 2009

China's 1Q real GDP growth set to remain weak at 6% level

10 Mar 2009

U.S. trade deficit set to narrow further on import decline amid global recession in The Nikkei Weekly

02 Feb 2009

Americans shifting from big spending to saving in The Nikkei Weekly

06 Jan 2009

Jujiro "Establishment of second self defense force" in the January of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

19 Nov 2008

Jujiro "How to grow under the deflation" in the October of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

13 Nov 2008

Focus on banks' vanished equity in Nikkei Weekly

13 Oct 2008

U.S. multinationals might rethink their embrace of globaliation in Nikkei Weekly

01 Oct 2008

Jujiro "Does USA learn from the experiences of Japan?" in the October of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

08 Sep 2008

High oil prices do economy good in Nikkei Weekly

19 Aug 2008

Jujiro "Why not discuss a rate hike?" in the June of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

04 Aug 2008

U.S. Fed cannot help but leave key policy rates unchanged in Nikkei Weekly

02 Jul 2008

Jujiro "Rising crude oile prices lead the Asian crisis" in the June of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

30 Jun 2008

U.S. new car sales poised to plunge in Nikkei Weekly

09 Jun 2008

Two columns "The Next Great Global Currency" and "Who is responsible for Emerging Market Inflation improvements?" in The International Economy(Spring 2008 )

09 Jun 2008

U.S. oil inventory data could rattle market again in Nikkei Weekly

28 Apr 2008

Special Interview in the 21 April issue in of Nikkei Business

27 Apr 2008

Jujiro "The Logic after subprime" in the April of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

06 Apr 2008

Jujiro "Appreciate Yen and Yuan with cordinate action between Japan and China" in the January of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

06 Apr 2008

Jujiro "Strengthen discipline of bond market" in the February of Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese)

09 Feb 2008

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